Dec. 14, 2017

The temperatures here in the northeast are continuing to drop and we have already seen our first snowfall. Although the colder months of the year are a sign of the fun holiday season, they can also pose challenges for some individuals and families to heat their homes.

For those seeking to improve the energy efficiency of their home, there is a lot of great information and tips for homeowners at I encourage you to check it out and see what you can do around your home to improve both its heating and cooling capabilities.

For those who may be facing financial obstacles to pay their monthly heating bills, or are dealing with broken equipment they cannot afford to fix or replace, the state’s Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is accepting applications for home heating assistance grants.

LIHEAP is a federally funded program that helps individuals and families pay their heating bills through home heating energy assistance grants. It also provides crisis grants to help in the event of an emergency or if a resident is in danger of losing their heat due to broken equipment, lack of fuel or termination of utility service.

The income eligibility guidelines for LIHEAP are set at 150 percent of the federal poverty level income. For example, the income limit for an individual is $18,090; for a couple, the limit is $24,360; and for a family of four, it is $36,900.

Residents may apply for LIHEAP by contacting the Erie County Assistance Office at 814-461-2002. You can also go to my website at and click on “Shopping for Energy” on the left-hand side and apply for LIHEAP online.

Representative Curt Sonney
4th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Tricia Lehman