Feb. 15, 2019

WHAT: Rep. Curt Sonney (R-Erie), chairman of the House Education Committee, will host a press conference to unveil a bipartisan package of eight bills designed to improve career and technical education (CTE) in Pennsylvania. The bills are the result of a report issued by the former Select Subcommittee on Technical Education and Career Readiness.

Bills in the package include:

House Bill 265 (Staats), which would expand the online database of articulation agreements.
House Bill 297 (Mako), which would deal with career information and recruitment.
House Bill 334 (Grove), which would deal with the commission for agricultural education excellence, the use of course credits, and the classification of program codes.
House Bill 522 (Tobash), which would create a CTE investment incentive program; including tax credits for contributions to support CTE programs and enrollment expansion programs.

Bills in the package that have not yet been introduced:

House Bill 393 (Harkins), which would create an online career resource center.
House Bill 394 (Mullery), which would require the Pennsylvania Department of Education to inventory workforce development programs offered at secondary and postsecondary institutions.
House Bill 395 (Roebuck), which would require CTE programs to establish occupational advisory committees.
House Bill 396 (Roebuck), which would add at least one member to each Workforce Development Board.

WHO: Chairman Rep. Curt Sonney; Minority Chairman Rep. James Roebuck (D-Philadelphia); sponsors of the bills, which include Reps. Seth Grove (R-York), Mike Tobash (R-Schuylkill/Dauphin), Zach Mako (R-Lehigh/Northampton), Craig Staats (R-Bucks), Patrick Harkins (D-Erie) and Gerald Mullery (D-Luzerne); and members of the House Education Committee.

WHEN: Tuesday, Feb. 19, at 11:30 a.m.

WHERE: Capitol Media Center, 8 East Wing, Capitol Building, Harrisburg.

LIVE WEBSTREAMING: Will be available, barring technical difficulties, at PAHouseGOP.com and RepSonney.com.

Media contact: Tricia Lehman, 717.772.9840, tlehman@pahousegop.com.