Budget Bill Passes with Support from Sonney

The state House on Wednesday passed a budget bill for Fiscal Year 2011-12, concurring on amendments to House Bill 1485 and moving it to the desk of Gov. Tom Corbett for his signature. State Rep. Curt Sonney (R-Harborcreek) issued the following statement on passage of the bill:


“Passing a state budget is the No. 1 one priority of members of the General Assembly. With that charge comes the responsibility of crafting a spending plan on time while serving as good stewards of hard-earned taxpayer dollars. Having accomplished these tasks are the reasons I voted in favor of this spending plan for Fiscal Year 2011-12. 


“In spending $1.17 billion less than last fiscal year, we are achieving something that has been accomplished just three times in nearly 40 years. Times are tough and Pennsylvanians have no choice but to rein in spending. A budget of $27.148 billion that includes no new taxes or new borrowing means we are taking into account what we have as, opposed to what we wish we had.


“To that end, we regard what some call a surplus with skepticism. More than $600 million in revenues over estimate held up against $50.5 billion in outstanding debt does not fit the definition of a surplus. Pennsylvania will need to repay $4 billion in interest on borrowing to payout unemployment compensation and needs to take into account the possibility of having to reimburse the $716 million taken from the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error (MCare) Fund by the Rendell administration. Failing to respect these obligations is effectively turning our backs on the history that contributed to the economic plight we are in.


“Making wise financial decisions means knowing what items are essential and need to be sufficiently supported. Increasing the appropriation for our public schools is necessary if Pennsylvania is to compete in the marketplace, and the $5.34 billion Basic Education Funding subsidy represents the largest investment of state dollars for that funding stream ever.


“The tide has turned, and Pennsylvania is now moving in the direction of financial prosperity. While we have a long way to go, our state has now begun to budget in a realistic fashion, one that forces government to live within its means while providing for essential services.”


State Representative Curt Sonney

4th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  Scott Little

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