Only a Proposal
Each year, the governor of Pennsylvania begins the process of crafting a spending plan for the coming fiscal year by delivering a budget address to the General Assembly. No matter what party affiliation the governor holds, one thing remains the same – his address is merely a proposal to essentially begin a “conversation” about the best way to distribute revenue.  

I am a member of the House Appropriations Committee, which plays a pivotal role in forming recommendations for fiscal matters and is integrally involved in the annual budget process. My colleagues and I are completing three weeks of hearings, involving 37 government agencies that receive funding through the budget, each one testifying as to the job they do and the degree to which they should be supported.

We as legislators will take the testimony from those hearings, and factor in legislative priorities as they pertain to the residents of our individual districts. At the same time, we must keep in mind the best way to serve the people of Pennsylvania by being good stewards of their hard-earned dollars.  

Gov. Tom Corbett has shared his priorities, which include pension reform, transportation funding and privatization of our state-run liquor stores.  The General Assembly will be in conversation with his office over the next several months to examine solutions to the complex and costly issues currently before us, as we work toward a final budget bill.   

It is by no means an easy process. As your voice in Harrisburg, I need to know your opinion on the issues. Please feel free to contact me through my Corry office at (814) 664-9126, or my Harborcreek office at (814) 897-2080. You may also get in touch through my Facebook page,, or my website,, where you can also find the latest budget news.  
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